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Endoline Machinery Ltd


As the name suggests, Endoline Machinery manufactures end-of-line packaging equipment and has successfully done so in Britian since 1981. Over the years Endoline has progressed from producing small case taping machines to its current position as a leading international manufacturer of a wide range of end-of-line packaging machines and systems.

Endoline has successfully manufactured and installed over 7,500 machines worldwide since its inception. All designing, building and technical support is done in-house and customers can expect their enquiries to be handled in an efficient and professional manner.Endoline's customers also benefit from a wide range of support services that ensure the maximum return on investment is delivered through long-term relationships.

Endoline specialises in producing machines that deliver the lowest cost of ownership, from simple semi-automatic machines through to fully automatic customised systems, depending on the requirement. Many unique design features make Endoline equipment particularly suited to a wide range of applications including snacks, biscuits, confectionery, ready-meals, pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer goods.