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Powder Filling

Powder Filling Equipment  Powder Filling Equipment

With over 4 decades of experience in the powder filling industry, All-Fill can supply precise and accurate filling solutions for a wide variety of products.

The range of filling equipment includes Semi-Automatic, In-line Automatic and Rotary Machines, with different filling methods available to suit customer requirements. The versatility of the All-Fill auger heads whether servo, flux vector inverter or clutch/brake, allow upgrades from volumetric to gravimetric filling, or from semi-automatic to fully automatic as needed.

The flexible filling heads also make it possible to process free-flowing and non free-flowing powders, granules, pastes, creams and even water-thin liquids without the need for time-consuming changeovers. 



  • Intermittent or Continuous dosing
  • Filling weights range from 20 mg - 50 kg
  • PLC control via monochrome or colour touch-screen panel
  • Indexing motion available to better process fine, sticky or dusty powders
  • In-line Automatic machines available with 1, 2, 4 or more filling heads
  • Accuracy controlled by nett weight validation and as high as +/- 0.5% - 1%
  • Rotary machines offer high speed outputs of up to 400 containers per minute
  • Rotary machines available with 1-4 filling heads over turrets of 12-48 pockets
  • Machines fabricated in 304 stainless steel with 316L stainless steel contact parts
  • Gravimetric systems are offered with  single shot, bulk and dribble, or bulk and
    predict options


As a large majority of All-Fill's total production is supplied to the pharmaceuticals industry, customers are guaranteed that the filling equipment will meet all industry-specific quality standards including GMP. Customers will receive complete documentation packages to facilitate pre-production validation as well as experienced support for on-site validation.

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