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Tablet Counting


Tablet Counter


Arcon supplies a range of electronic counters and related equipment designed to meet the highest standards of current Good Manufacturing Practice.

All shapes of tablets including hard capsules, soft gels and irregular shapes are handled without the need to change parts.

Various models are available to suit small to large sized capsules, varying counting volumes and speed requirements. Available as 12 or 24 track format with single or double filling nozzles, the machinery is well suited to a wide variety of containers.


  • Simple operation
  • Accurate dispensing
  • Removable contact parts
  • Digitally controlled count adjustment




Arcon supplies a number of related machines to add value to your Tablet Counting line. These include:


Tare-Gross Weight Checkweighing System

To ensure 100% count accuracy, an advanced checkweighing system can be supplied with new tablet counting lines or integrated into existing lines.

Compact and allowing accuracies in the range of 20 mg, the tare and gross weights record the weight of each container before and after filling using technologically advanced weigh cells. This allows for in-line rejection of invalid containers should their weight be out of the set range.

The tare and gross weight system has a weighing range of up to 500 g and an output of up to 100 containers a minute.


Bottle Unscrambler / Air Cleaner

The automatic bottle unscrambler sorts and aligns bottles at speeds of up to 120 containers per minute. The containers are also inverted and cleaned with de-ionizing air before they are returned to an upright position for further processing. 


Desiccant Inserter

Arcon supplies desiccant inserters suitable for silica gel sachets in rolled form or silica gel in canisters. Multiple sachets or canisters can be inserted into containers up to a maximum of 5 per bottle. Machines are equipped with a 'no bottle, no insertion' function and can accommodate different sized containers through manual height adjustment. The fully automatic desiccant inserter offers speeds of up to 120 containers per minute and adheres to all GMP requirements.


Cotton Wool Inserter

Designed for use with rope-fed cotton, rayon and polyester, the fully automatic machine can be adjusted to insert up to 5 pieces of cotton per bottle by using the touch-screen controls. Capable of handling containers with diameters of 20 - 120 mm, the Cotton Wool Inserter works at speeds of up to 120 containers per minute.


Rotary Screw/Press Cappers

Arcon supplies a range of in-line Screw and Press cappers capable of handling bottles with diameters of 20 - 120 mm at speeds of up to 200 bottles per minute. The fully automatic process begins by loading caps into a vibratory bowl feeder. For Rotary Screw Capping applications, tightening wheels screw the caps onto the bottles. For Press Capping applications, an adjustable pressure belt evenly presses caps down onto the bottles. A helpful detection system will reject bottles without caps or caps that have been incorrectly pressed/screwed. 


Self-Adhesive Labellers


Arcon supplies self-adhesive labelling machines to apply wrap around labels onto various sizes round containers. The fully automatic machines offer servo drive operation for precise labelling at high speeds and can process up to 350 containers per minute. Please see below for the range of container and label sizes that are possible:

Range of Label Lengths 8 - 150 mm
Range of Label Heights 8 - 100 mm
Range of Container Sizes  18 - 90 mm




  • Barcode printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Feeding / discharge turn table
  • Hot stamp coder / Inkjet printer
  • Camera detection with reject system for missing/misprinted labels