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Flexible Film Packaging

We offer fully automatic horizontal form fill-seal pouch machine to produce all types of conventional pouches but also a wide range of special packs with modern packaging concepts and designs which will make your product a winner, with its own brand identity and different from the rest.
Food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care products, everything is possible on our machines which enables you to present your products in most innovative shapes using latest techniques.
Doypack pouches, flat (3-4 side seal) or cap fitments for easy product pouring, straw attachment for soft drinks pack, zipper reclosable systems etc are presentations available today for actual and future products and market demands.

Flexibility is another main aspect, using the same machine it is possible to make a wide range of different pack presentations and fast change over from one product to another or from size to size.
Arcon machines have been designed to pack a wide range of products of different nature: powders (dusty products), granules (free-flowing products), cosmetic (viscous products), sauces & concentrates (pasty products), juices (liquid products), pieces, pasta, confectionery, tablets & capsules, dairy and many others…
We have developed a new range of stick pack machines for multiple applications.
The range varies from 4 to 20 lanes depending on the width of the Stick pack and is available with different type of fillers to fill liquids, granules and powders. We incorporate of course, all of our experience in the form fill and seal sector into this model using the latest available technologies.

MAIN FEATURES:                                                                  
  • High performance
  • Servo driven film index
  • Adjustable film tension pneumatically controlled
  • Independent seal jaws
  • Automatic stick length adjustment
  • Easy clean seal jaws (turnable 180°)
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) is able through a 10” colour touch screen.  

This allows to control all functions of the machine:
  • Fill dose
  • Modify the temperature of the respective seal bars
  • Increase or decrease the speed of the machine
  • Production data
  • Counter of sticks produced
  • Counter of rejected sticks
  • Normal stop time counter
  • Alarm time counter
  • Machine efficiency etc.
Flexible film packaging is becoming increasingly popular for many clients due to its ability to offer increased innovation and improved presentation of the final packaged item as well as allowing for appealing and highly specialised and functional features.