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Soybean and Oilseed

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Screening equipment is used throughout the oilseed processing plant, from receiving cleaner right through to meal-screening. The unique screening motions of the screeners combine high capacity with accurate separations. Whether your plant is average-sized or an operation that processes more than 5000 tonnes per day, Arcon is able to offer a suitable screener for every installation. 

Receiving Cleaner

For receiving cleaning, a screener is used to remove fines, field trash and other oversize material from the grain prior to storage. The accurate removal of fines is critical to prevent the grain from spoiling in storage, as fines restrict the air circulation in storage silos. With the fines removed, savings can be made on fuel and the possibility of a fire hazard is greatly reduced.  

Receiving cleaning typically involves large volumes of grain. To process these volumes effectively a screener cleaner with a long stroke, low frequency, horizontal screening motion is used. The fines are quickly stratified down against the screen openings without violent agitation and re-mixing. This allows for the accurate and highly efficient removal of fines from the grain. With a screening capacity of up to 1000 TPH, screeners enable operators to use fewer machines that take up less floor space and clean more grain. 

Meal Screening

During these final stages, screeners ensure that less on-size material is fed to the grinding equipment. With less grinding to be done, fewer grinders are required and the resulting reduction in horsepower will lead to savings in operational costs. For fine meal separations using a size 8-12 mesh, strict size and density specifications are easily adhered to as a result of the gyratory motion of screeners. This unique screening motion provides highly accurate separations.

For coarse mesh separations using a size 4 mesh, good product is prevented from being lost as the gyratory motion is gentle enough to avoid breaking good product into fines.

When using screeners operators can be sure that the final product will always be within the required size range.



  • High Reliability - rugged, durable designs provide uninterrupted operation
    24 hours a day
  • Low Maintenance - the dynamic absorber drive is easy to maintain, has no gears
    and requires no lubrication
  • Low Headroom - near horizontal screening angle dramatically lowers the
    machine's silhouette
  • High Capacity, Low Footprint - screeners can provide up to 1000 TPH of
    screening in a compact footprint of 4 x 4 m 
  • Blinding Free Operation - screeners do not blind, even under high moisture conditions. The effective ball mesh cleaning prevents moist grain clumps from plugging the screen and limiting the screeners performance