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Cases and Trays

Cases and Trays

Arcon supplies a range of end-of-line packaging machines suitable for cases, trays and boxes.  The full range comprises Case Erectors, Tray Erectors, Case and Tray Loaders/Packers, Case Sealers and Case Formers.

Our suppliers have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of machines that will add considerable value to your packaging line at minimal cost of ownership. Offering unique design features that make them well-suited to a wide range of applications in the food industry, typical products include snacks, biscuits, confectionery and ready meals.


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Case Former


Case Former The range of case formers offers the ideal first step towards packaging automation. Designed to reduce the time and effort required for manual case erection, the machine folds the lower flaps and holds the open case steady, allowing the operator to pack the case with both hands.


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Case Erectors


Case Erector            Case


Endoline has specialised in the design and manufacture of case erectors for over 25 years and offer a range of machines to suit many different requirements.

The Fully-Automatic machines are capable of forming and sealing various styles and sizes of corrugated trays, cases and boxes. Ideal for low, medium or high speed packaging operations, the durable erectors can handle up to 28 cases per minute.

Various models are available, with finish options of mild steel, powder coated white (RAL9010) or stainless steel, as well as other optional extras.  




  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Versatile
  • Simple to use
  • Small footprint
  • Value for money
  • Sealed with either self-adhesive tape or hot melt glue


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Tray Erectors


Tray Erector 500 Series




Tray Erectors are extremely efficient, reliable and versatile machines that are assured to save space and increase efficiency in the production environment.

Capable of handling a wide range of tray sizes and styles, speeds of up to 25 trays per minute can be achieved.

Eliminating the need for repetitive hand motions, the flexible system easily adjusts between sizes and will erect trays with strong stacking support. 


Case Loader/Packer

Arcon supplies highly efficient solutions for packing products into cases, trays or crates.

Included in the range is the smallest and fastest combined case erecting and packing machine currently on the market, offering the unique ability to pack products in almost any orientation, including 'on-edge' packing.

Capable of speeds up to 25 cases per minute, the equipment can be custom-designed for wrap around packing, minimising labour requirements and increasing production output.


Versapack Case Loader  The VersapackTM system was developed based on the success of Endoline's 220 Case Erector Series and Quin System's RthetaTM high speed picking head. At up to 100 picks per minute and speeds of 20 cases per minute, the VersapackTM system provides outstanding performance in the automation of end-of-line packaging. The system is ideal for the packing of various products in the food industry including ready meals, biscuits, snacks, tea, coffee and fresh and frozen goods. With its modular nature, compact dimensions and low and high speed options, Endoline's VersapackTM system will replace the high-cost, labour intensive case packing operations that can often be the cause of employees' repetitive strain injuries.


Tray Loader/Packer

ARPAC supply tray loaders that are capable of speeds of up to 120 trays per minute. The continuous and intermittent motion machines are designed for a wide range of products including cans, bottles and boxes. Features such as gentle product handling and wrap-around trays ensure products are tightly packed and protected from damage during loading.

Rapid changeover options enable line operators to prepare the machine for a different product size in less than 30 minutes.

Each system can be integrated to fit with other equipment, including tray turners/stackers and shrink wrappers.



  • Case can be sealed with glue or tape
  • Compact footprint of approximately 2m x 2m
  • High speed pick and place, typically 70 cycles per minute with 2kg load
  • Flexibility to provide packing formats with multiple rows, columns or layers
  • Ideal for shelf ready display with unique ability to pack products flat or 'on-edge'
  • Custom-made picking heads to handle cartons, sealed trays, flow-wrap packs,
       flexible packs and roll-wraps


Case Sealer


Case Sealer Case sealers are designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your case sealing operation. All machines incorporate unique performance-enhancing design features and complement the offered case forming, erecting and loading machines.

Case sealers are available as semi-automatic or fully automatic machines and can be sealed with tape or hot melt glue. With over 25 years experience designing and building high quality case sealing machinery, Endoline ensures you receive the right solution for your specific application.




  • Floating Bridge feature allows machine to accept swollen or out-of-specification
        cases while providing consistent and accurate sealing.
  • Floating Bridge also provides quick access to bottom tapehead without the need
        for machine readjusting
  • Twin Column Construction provides added stability for taping bridge, ensuring
        machine runs smoothly with minimal interruption
  • Includes removable and interchangeable tapeheads fitted with integral steel
        knife guards, making rapid reloading possible and reducing spares requirements
  • Support, training and robust machine construction ensures trouble-free operation
        even in the most challenging of production environments



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